What we offer

  • A tailored social consciousness strategy based on what you envision leaving to the next generation.

  • Corporate social responsibility education to C-Suite leaders and beyond that includes leadership coaching, media training, community positioning, corporate/organizational culture, etc.

  • Alignment with key purpose-driven causes and/or political influencers in your chosen areas of focus.

  • Key strategic alliance search that includes sponsorships and campaigns/movements that align with your vision and leverage your visibility.

  • Collaboration with your internal teams such as your marketing management to seamlessly integrate your social consciousness messaging into all aspects of your brand. We also work with HR leaders to advocate and ensure topics such as inequality, flextime, diversity, harassment, etc. are part of the conversation.

  • Representation in negotiations with key charitable partners in order to maximize the impact of your partnerships and track measurable outcomes.

OUR Methodology

  1. Discovery Sessions

  2. Strategy Development

  3. Strategic Debrief

  4. Goal Execution & On-going Consultation